Constance McKee

President & Chief Executive Officer of Manzanita Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Constance McKee is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience as an executive in life sciences and venture capital.


In 2007 she co-founded Manzanita Pharmaceuticals www.manzanitapharmaceuticals.com     . With current funding from the Department of Defense, the company is developing a non-opiate drug to treat localized pain, with a goal of providing battlefield pain management without cognitive impairment. She is co-PI on a recent (September 2017) grant from the National Cancer Institute for a nerve contrast agent. Constance also served as co-PI on the company’s SBIR Phase I NCI grant and the company’s founding DARPA grant.



Robert Weaver

Former Member of the Senior Executive Service, USSS (Retired)

An award-winning senior executive, Bob Weaver served the U.S. government for nearly 40 years, with 22 years in the U. S. Secret Service dedicated to protecting the United States’ national leaders and the country’s critical infrastructure. Following his career in the government, which culminated in serving as the Deputy Director of the Infrastructure Coordination Division at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Robert Weaver joined The Guidry Group, Sequoia Security Group, DFLabs, Argonne National Laboratory, Systems Research and Applications Corporation, G&H International Services, Major League Baseball, PJM Interconnection, ICF International, Energetics, and IBM as a Senior Principal Consultant.



Mike Zacchea

Director and Founder, UConn's Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Veterans with Disablities

Mike Zacchea was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in the Marine Corps in 1990. He deployed to Somalia for OPERATION RESTORE HOPE and to Haiti for OPERATION SUPPORT DEMOCRACY. He served as operations officer and executive officer of a Marine recruiting station. He commanded two artillery batteries and served as a battalion assistant operations officer. He served another tour on recruiting duty in the northeastern US. In March 2004, as a major, he deployed to Iraq for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM II. His mission was to build, train, and lead in combat the first Iraqi army battalion trained by the US military. After an initial 4-month training period, he led the Iraqi battalion in combat operations for 8 months. The battalion participated in OPERATION PHANTOM FURY, the 2nd Battle of Fallujah. The battalion spent 6 weeks in urban combat and accomplished a number of historical firsts for the Iraqi army. During the battle, Mike was wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade. As a result of his wounds, Mike has been medically retired.


Strategic Advisors

Centurion Analytics, LLC values the knowledge, experience, and guidance provided by our Strategic Advisors.  Our Strategic Advisors are made up of a diverse group of men and women from both public and private industry.

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